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Our focus is on work ethics and growth. Our goal is to provide high-quality services and increase our portfolio of properties.

Josephs Accommodations Ltd
trading as Josephs.Scot

The Josephs Accommodations Ltd is temporary accommodation provider. Company was incorporated in 2017 by Piotr and Krzysztof. Friends. Different in skills and abilities but similar in mindset. The opportunity presented itself perfectly to mix it up and make something new.
living wage

Piotr Zawislak
Residents contact & Maintenance

Piotr is responsible for communicating with residents and landlords. He also looks after properties - certification, maintenance, and repairs.

Krzysztof Borowiak
Software & Finances

The company management software is developed by Krzysztof. He also handles finances, taxes, and administration.

Some history
from the very beginning



Josephs Accommodations Ltd trading as Josephs.Scot
24 Carrick Knowe Road
United Kingdom
EH12 7BH
phone: 01312100071

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Josephs.Scot is a trading name of Josephs Accommodations Ltd. Registered in Scotland. Company Number: SC584026
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